All dressed up and no where to go

It seems like everyone is throwing fabulous parties these days (check out Jordan and Fergie’s). I just called my friend Jen and insisted she have her annual Halloween party (she was having some doubts but clearly wasn’t thinking about the rest of us. I might forgive her). When asked why she needed to have it, I shamelessly told her that if she didn’t have a Halloween party, poor Baby Hank would have no where to wear his Super Hank costume; and that would be a real tragedy. How was everyone going to see how cute he is? If we aren’t invited to any Halloween parties, I might have to take him trick or treating.
Is it way too obvious whose getting the treats when you take your 10 month old trick or treating?

PS I really want to make my house look like this for Halloween


I hope you were able to talk your friend into giving that party. I can’t believe she didn’t want to do one. Some people are so selfish.

i think you need to have a party liz! the avenues is perfect and invite me please.

I LOVE HALLOWEEN! And the picture you posted of someone’s halloween decorations on their porch rocks! We always end up in Hoboken for halloween every year for the parade and then trick or treating afterwards. Everyone’s brownstone walkups are always decorated to the hilt and I love that the majority of them sit on their stoop waiting to hand out candy! Oh, and the nice weather is an added bonus. Hope baby Hank has a party to go to. Make sure to post pics of him in his costume, can’t wait to see!

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