Project: Homemade pincushion

I made this cute pincushion a few days ago. Making one has been on my to-do list since I set up my craft desk; and I had to make one quick before I gave in to my urges to buy this perfect pear one. There were a couple examples I modeled mine after I found online:
This one (but too small) and this one (but I didn’t have a tin)

I cut the bottom of a soda can for the base, wrapped it with glue in a natural flannel and thin ribbon. Cute polka dot print stuffed with batting for the pin pushin’ cushion.


yeah most of mine were bought at purlsoho in new york city when i lived there (or you can buy them online at i’ve found it’s really spotty in stores. if you live in the salt lake valley, ‘cotton shop’ is the best one i’ve found. but still you have to search. another good one online is

Okay, where do you find such cute fabric? I took my daughter to Joanne’s to get ready for a project and gagged at the selection! I want bold colors and geometric designs. And I’d prefer not to shop online…

Super cute! Mine is a big strong blue magnet (not cute) but I just throw the pins in the direction of the magnet and they stick.

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