Plaid is Back. Apparently.

Seriously? I’m just not so sure about this one. Anyone spot over sized flannel shirts and ripped levis on the runways? Does the same rule apply that if you wore it before you’re too old to wear it now? Cause this time I might just be ok with that (although I am kind of liking that handbag above; and Nirvana was a pretty cool band…)

{Clothes from Urban Outfitters}


I remember distinctly picking out my outfit for the first day of SHS. Jeans, Braided belt, t-shirt (tucked in), and to top it all off… a nice big plaid shirt. nope… can’t go there again!

Some things just can not be pulled off when one lives in the desert. I can do tweed and houndstooth in moderation, but plaid is a bit much.

wow Liz you are SLOW at spotting trends..I saw this one coming about a year ago!ps. plaid is awesome, let’s hope the lumberjack look never goes out

I totally had that black and white checkered shirt but mine was flannel. And I loved Nirvana. Yeah, definitely not going back there.

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