Pinocchio Costume

Woo Hoo! Fall’s here and Halloween’s around the corner. Who wants to make this cute pinocchio costume for Baby Hank? Instructions here. You make the costume. I’ll bake you a cake. Deal?

{Costume seen on Armelle Blog}

PS on a sidenote…I pretty sure baby hank knows when his cousin is coming (don’t you think they were planning it out before they were born?), and he won’t fess up. She’s past due now.
Don’t you think he should be grounded for such blatant disobedience?


Liz, although Henry would look oh so handsome in just about anything you put in him, please please please don’t try it! I think I agree with Brooke that wearing this might scar him for life, plus as it stands right now Cole seems to point and grunt for no reason, however if you set the two down together with Hank in this outfit everyone will know he is laughing on the inside while pointing and grunting on the outside. how about a nice pea in the pod costume or I saw some super cute lion costumes at Costco…although what do I know, Chase at that age was a Lady Bug! keep me updated.

That costume is pretty sissified. I think you should tickle torture his cousin info out of him.

true. well maybe it’ll be punishment for not fessing up to when his cousin is making her big planet earth apperance

I think making him wear that MIGHT scar him for life. But that’s just a guess.

That is so incredibly cute. I wish I had a sewing machine. Maybe I’ll track one down. I would love this costume on Asher!

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