Nine Months

We’ve tried to make Baby Hank as happy and comfortable as possible these last 9 months while he’s started to figurethings out. I hope he likes earth life so far. Our lives have been a hundred times more amazing because Baby Hank’s has begun.

I made him wear a bday hat during lunch today. He wasn’t quite as thrilled as he was when he wore the same hat at 2 months. Probably because he thinks this bday hat is baby stuff, for those little 2 month olds that can’t sit up and eat solid food.


SO CUTE. I love his grim little face with that hat on…

Enjoy the hat while you can baby Hank. When your mom is showing this picture to your girlfriend on your seventeenth birthday… you’ll be wishing that she would have just stuck with the hat. 🙂

Happy birthday, Hank! Here’s to another 9 months and more!

The CRAZY things we put up with to “make Mom happy.” Thanks, Henry, for the sacrifice.

link over to your blog from Design Mom (?, I think)… such a cute blog, and I absolutely adore your woodblock prints on etsy…I will definitely be in touch as I’m working on a new wall in our house and need some artwork…thank you!

Hank – Happy 9 Months! You’re absolutely awesome!

Happy birthday Hank! You’re perfect! . . .even if your mom makes you wear a sissy birthday hat every month.

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