Coming soon…

My sister is due with a sweet baby girl this next week. Woo hooo!!!! This will be my first niece or nephew on my side of the family. I can’t wait! I think Baby Hank already knows her well. If he could talk, I think he’d have awesome things to say about his cousin. My sister, Celeste, is a midwife, and she is having a home birth in a huge jazuzzi tub (which sounds awesome). On labor day we had a little blessing way ceremony with her midwife friends. I had never been to one before. It was really sweet. We all brought something that represented a woman’s strength. We also henna-ed up her beautiful belly, gave her hand massages, food baths and ate delicious food.


A blessing way ceremony sounds so good to me. What kinds of things did people bring to represent a woman’s strength?Kisses to Celeste and her little one, she sounds soooo ready!

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