Campfire Bananas with Coconut

When we went camping this weekend we made one of our favorite campfire treats, roasted bananas:
You cut the banana down the middle, but not all the way through so you have a pocket which you fill with mini marshmellows and chocolate chips.
Wrap them in tin foil and stick them in the fire for just a couple minutes.
When you pull them out the bananas are cooked soft and ooooozing with chocolate-marshmellow deliciousness.

Anyway, pretty standard campfire meal. But then I saw this on Dinner Tonight (which is a great blog, fyi). Duh! Coconut in the bananas with the melted chocolate! Genius! I’m trying this next time for sure.


So sadly I had these for the FIRST time this summer (sans coconut) and they are now my new low calorie dessert when I’m craving sweets late at night. If you use half a banana, only one big marshmallow and just a few chocolate chips they have only about 100 calories and are SOOOO delicious! (I bake mine in the oven in tin foil)

That looks delicious and fun to make. I love bananas with anything.

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