Swaddle Blanket Auction for Nie Nie

Next up…

Super soft baby swaddle blanket:

Your choice of yellow (27 x 45)….

…or gray floral (24 x 38)Let’s start the bidding at $8.

Auction Notes:
-Bid for this item by making a comment with your bid amount on this post.

-Bidding will continue until Sunday 11pm Mountain Standard Time
-Payment will be made to The Nie Nie Recovery Fund through PayPal
-I’ll pay for shipping (in the States)

-ALL proceeds for these auctions go to Nie Nie and her recovery!


$35 for the yellow! harris dot e at cox dot netaren’t all these acutions fun?

hey guys make sure you indicate which one you are bidding for (sorry it’s a little more confusing than it has to be)

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