Project: Fabric Balls

I made a couple fabric balls that I posted about here. They were really easy. Twenty minutes. I put a jingle bell in the middle and a little love note for my Baby Hank tucked somewhere inside. He was kind of mad when I took the picture because I moved all the other toys away from him and forced him to play with the ones I made. I’m such a mean mom.


they are so cute. and so is your baby!loving your blog- found through happy day!

okay…so I’m totally not smart about babies OR sewing, but I want to make these for some friends with kids…Liz – how would the mom of some extra-drooling twins clean these? do you think they can go in the washing machine?

I love those fabric combos. He’s lucky to have such a mean mommy. 🙂

Man oh man that is a handsome baby. And the new toys are cute too!

I can see his angry mark starting to turn red on his forhead. He’s got such a mean mommy!

You have definitely inspired me. I hope to make these soon.

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