Pantry Challenge

Jared and I decided to try and go for a full week (monday to monday) without going to the grocery store-at all, and without preparation, to see if we can do it. At first I was like, ‘Sounds lame, Jared’. If you know my husband though, he can get anyone excited about anything and minutes later I was opening my cupboards and freezer in pure exhilaration – scribbling down all the possibilities.
Besides a couple tricky things, this should be a piece of cake:
1. We ran out of milk today. So no cereal. Breakfast is going to be slightly tricky. We also have no eggs.
2. We ran out of Henry’s baby oatmeal today which he has every morning and which I add to many of his canned food to thicken it up. So he’ll have to have runny squash and peas for breakfast for a week unless I can find the energy to mash up a couple bananas we have.
3. We’ll be out of bread in a day or so which makes lunch tricky. Although I can always make some dang quesadillas (but no salsa) and be pretty content for a couple days. Again, perhaps if I can muster up the inner Martha Stewart in me I could whip out some of my Mema’s homemade whole wheat bread.
4. We have lots of fresh tomatoes and zucchini from the garden.
5. Worse case scenario? We have a giant Costco bag of burritos in the freezer. We’re golden.


Jen was telling me about this post so I had to get online and comment. She failed to mention that she is holding seminars on this very topic. She is quite good at it. I am so proud of her. I am now 20 lbs. UNDER weight.I’m going to have to cut this short…my stomach hurts.Jeff H

I love the comments! And my husband thinks I am the only one who hates grocery shopping. I wish he would come up with something like this. I would gladly try a month even! My kids eat nothing but peanut butter anyway and we have a year supply of that already. Cole might have a hard time. I think he is getting sick of cheerios and applesauce. Hmmm, maybe I shouldn’t joke about this anymore and get to the grocery store…

Ha ha! during times like these my favorite creation was the tortilla smeared with peanut butter and sprinkled with rasins:)

that’s my plan every week. so every week we don’t go grocery shopping and i don’t have anything to cook so we go out to eat. saves so much money (i wish). let me know what you come up with.

Our ward did this for 2 weeks. We had no problems though, because we had just gone shopping with the menu already planned for 2 weeks. Inspired or what? Just lucky, I think.

Sounds like my dinner plan every night! Walk to the fridge about 5:00 and hope that something delicious and gourmet rears its head. It usually ends up being something frozen.

Good luck! It’s hard but I’m pleased with myself for doing it. (I would cheat buy baby cereal)

Awesome! We did this last week but not by choice, by me being too sick/lazy/busy to go to the store all week. I think my favorite day was sunday when I ate an old crushed bag of fritos I found in the back of the pantry, a protein bar Aaron stole from work and a diet DP for lunch. Good luck! I want to know how it goes. To make up for it I spent about $200 at the grocery store and costco today!

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