Le Petit Nageur

I am in love with this little terrycloth French-inspired swimsuit I found at the thrift store. I want to learn how to sew something like this, something vintage swim suit looking. You know, kind of like this sort of thing. Of course baby hank would make it look so much hotter, with his bulging fat rolls–i mean–muscles.

p.s. Check out that farmers tan! All thanks to The Rage


Liz, I love your blog! Your son, this picture especially, is what I dream of my future baby looking like. While browsing your archives I found a lot of great gift ideas so I linked to your blog as my inspiration. Thank you!

my. favorite. picture. ever! Confession: I showed a bunch of people at work this picture because hanky just looks so darn cute!

I love this picture of him–so cute! Maybe his first word will be “bonjour.”

that’s so cute! arden has a striped swimsuit that totally reminds me of an old timey weight lifter or something like that. she also has big “muscles”. They’ll have to have a wrestling match this weekend, unless hank is a total wuss.

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