Lake Powell

Tomorrow we’re leaving for a 5 day adventure on Lake Powell on a friend’s houseboat roughly the size of Hoboken. I can’t wait. We’re going with a small group of Jared’s best friends that he grew up with and their wives/kids. I’m glad Baby Hank can’t crawl yet. I’ll be able to sleep better at night knowing he’s not scootin’ his cute bum off the deck somewhere.
Lots to do to get ready for tomorrow. I’ll be back on Monday. Oh, did I mention the houseboat has soda and soft serve ice cream machines on it? Fabulous.

(Pic via flickr)


oh man, i’m so jealous! and your blog is a-mazing. i love your swaddle blankets and hanks suit. i ended up making something like it for stella once on accident- we were out having a campfire one night and she totally blew out in the car seat and all i had was a tank top that was a size too big and some safety pins and voila! i think that you could put snaps on easily instead of safety pining. it was so cute because the tank was long enough to look more like super short shorts and not high-cut like a onesie.

ARE YOU SERIOUS! Is that really what Lake Powell looks like??? Why have I not been there??? OK, so when do we get to become Jared’s best friends that he grew up with and come along for the ride. Take lots of pics. I have to convince Jeff to get a houseboat.

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