Homemade Nutella Ice Cream

We were given a really nice ice cream maker by Josh and Erin for Christmas and have been loving it. We made strawberry sorbet last week, mango sorbet last month, and nutella– yes that’s right I said nutella– ice cream last night. The nutella ice cream took the cake. It was so delicious (a whole jar of nutella is added in it!) and the consistency was perfectly creamy, which was pure luck since it was the first ice cream I have made. It’s not hard at all but it does take a little planning since the custard has to be completely cooled (overnight worked great for us) before it’s added into the machine and then into the freezer for a couple hours.

The recipe is from Everyday Italian here (we doubled the recipe which served about 8+ people)

(Pic from flickr)


If you made ice cream for 8 people surly you have some left over, and it will probably get freezer burn while you are gone, so if you want to bring it over here you are welcome too. Just thought I would let you know…

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