Half Marathon Tomorrow

Yikes, it’s tomorrow! Wish me luck!

{picture from the Top of Utah race last year}

Brace yourself for a sweet picture on Monday of me sprinting through the finish line with my hands in the air and Kenyan track stars half my age 200m behind me…

OR me on a stretcher winking at the camera chowing on a big ol’ ice cream cone…

OR somewhere in between: Perhaps me inching toward the finish line chasing the 80 year old grandma in front of me with skinny tan legs and a fanny pack full of iced tea…


So exciting! Good luck, and I can’t wait to see your victory photo… even if it is of you crawling across the finish line on hands and knees. Actually, that would be kind of funny. 🙂 You’ll do great!

Good Luck Liz!I hope to be there cheering you on. You will do awesome!

Liz you are so funny! We should have a party with you and the scotts.

yeah there is ONE uphill section and of course it’s at mile 10. awesome. at least we’re expecting it.

Uhm, that picture looks UPhill. I thought this was a DOWnhill race! That’s it, I’m out! Just kidding. See you there tomorrow!:)

Liz, Shut up. I forgot you were going the one up in Logan. Shayne and I are going to too. Last minute thing. You and Jared will have to hook up with us. Are you coming tonight? Hopefully we will see you guys at some point.

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