Free shipping is expensive

I saw this adorable shirt at Target yesterday. Too bad they didn’t have it in my size and I just can’t bring myself to pay shipping- at least today- maybe I’ll change my mind tomorrow.
I just browsed the site and found a couple other things that might push me into free shipping territory if I were to order them with the shirt:

Dwellstudio rug

Modern High Chair
(I’m still on the hunt)

Mustard strappy sandals


that’s funny, jordan, because when i posted this i was thinking that would be a good one for your foyer instead of that orange one you got. hope it works.

Ha! That’s the new rug I bought yesterday for the foyer.Also, those shoes are cute.On the high chair–I’ve been thinking about it a lot also and I think we are going to get the Svan. I think it is the best looking and has the smallest footprint and has a tray. If we don’t do that we’ll just get the tray and seatbelt attachment for our bebepod, which is what we are currently using. Everytime I take 2 steps away to the cupboard to grab something I am sure he will fall off the table. 🙁

Nice title! 🙂 I really like the sandals. All shades of yellow are so IN this season.

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