Check Out the Love for Nie Nie!

Extending the AUCTION of the
Jeff Hein Print until Monday, September 1, 11pm Mountain Standard Time!!!!

Holy smokes: Over 300 auctions! I love the blogging community. It’s amazing how generous everyone is. Incredible, in fact. So keep it up, bidders! Every dollar is going to the Nie Nie Recovery Fund to help with Stephanie and Christian Nielson’s recovery. I’m so excited to find out how much the blogging community will raise (anyone want to volunteer to do the math?).

{See my auctions below going until Sunday night!}

Reminders for bidders on my auctions:
-The auctions continue until Sunday night, 11pm MST
-The winner will need to pay the amount through paypal to the Nie Nie Recovery PayPal Account
-After you pay, forward your email receipt to along with your mailing address and I’ll send you the item
-Good luck!


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