I’ve seen two of these guys on runs up the canyon by my house. Scary! I kept on imagining it following me down the canyon, so I guess it’s helping my speed. Has anyone else seen tarantulas in the wasatch mountains?


No tarantulas. Just many dead carcuses and strangely on my last canyon run, a peacock. Rattlers are what I watch out for!BTW you still on for the TOU half? I am wiped from an 8 miler yesterday up the canyon.

I stumbled on your link from Design Mom. My daugter lives in Linden next to the mountian and has had a tarantula in the front yard and one on her stairs going to the basemsnt. Not uncommon at all I guess.Joan

Telling me that they’re harmless (which I know) doesn’t help me feel less freaked out in any way. A tarantula is a large, hairy, spider…that is enough for me to get the heebie-jeebies. I remember almost stepping on one when I went running in Provo once (over by the riverwoods). Yuck.

totally creepy. yeah i read online that most types are harmless but they still made me run just a tad faster

they are harmless. i used to stop and pick them up. i don’t think i could now. they are creepy.

These are in the canyons near your home??? You should move!

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