Reusable swim diapers

Since we’ve been spending so much time at the water park I thought it would be a good idea to get a reusable swim diaper (tip from Megan). Found the cutest whale print ones at Target here.

(He’s a little uncertain of what others will think of his form fitting speedo)


but… what happens when they poop in them? do you throw it away? i nearly bought one just two days ago but talked myself out of it. i’ve already had to change 3 poopy swim diapers. ugh.

I love that pitiful face he is trying there . . . too adorable!

darling. i spoke with your mom today. i will be in NYC on Sat. am to see my parents. your parents have already invited them to dinner sat. night. very excited. i’m working byu lax camp. very fun. learning a lot. need to send you thank you gift. address?

those are the best, so much better than trying to keep disposable ones stocked, not to mention the environmental impact of each trip to the pool!

haha that is so cute Liz! Even at a young age, Hanky knows how to be modest. That right there is one conscientious kid.

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