Half Marathon Training

(sorry it is stretched to fit)

In less than a month I’m doing the Top of Utah Half Marathon. Megan, my sister in law, gave me this great training schedule for it and I’ve been doing pretty good. I don’t always get in all the workouts but I try to get in at least three runs a week, one being a long run. Right now I’m on week 8. It’s been a little tricky with our recent vacationing but I’m hanging in there. I ran 9 miles on Tuesday morning and it felt good. I’ve been running my long runs in the morning right after I nurse baby hank before Jared goes to work up the canyon by my house.
I’m really glad I’ve done this training because it has helped me lose pretty much all of my pregnancy weight (less than 5 lbs to go!) and I finally feel like I’m back in good shape. At the end of this week I hit my peak mileage before the race. Wish me luck! If everything goes well I may consider doing a full marathon but I’m totally intimidated by it.


Good for you! I’m going to do a half in San Francisco on November 2nd, so I suppose I should pick up my ZERO miles a week I run right now… I might just borrow this training schedule!

Awesome! I still have another week before I can get out there again. You are going to be great!!

I’m in the same situation! I’m way intimidated by a full marathon, but at the same time it’s one of those things I want to do before I die, and while I’m not pregnant, I’d better go for it… we’ll see after the 1/2. Good luck!

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