What remarkable behavior

Now that baby hank is 6 months old I can leave him at the free daycare at my gym. This is great timing because on a whim two days ago I signed up for a 1/2 marathon that I have less than three months to train for. Today we went to the daycare for the first time. After writing ‘bald, short, blue, and has difficulty communicating but super cute’ for his ‘hair color, height, eye color, and personality’ I noticed the majority of the sheet was a heading ‘Behavioral remarks’ and space for 5 ‘remarks’. I asked the lady what happens when they exceed the 5 remarks and she sighed and said they aren’t invited back. Oh boy. I have about 10 weeks to get ready for this 1/2 marathon and that’s only 1 behavioral ‘remark’ every other week. Baby hank better be EXTRA good.
They gave baby hank a sticker with ‘3’ on it. He was asleep so we put it on his seatbelt (see photo above). The lady instructed me to place him asleep in his car seat in the ‘crib’. Um, okay. While walking to the crib I saw ‘1’ and ‘2’. They were siblings and were watching a cartoon movie. They were remarkably quiet. I have a feeling their mother has had more than one conversation with them about these ‘behavioral remarks’ and what it would mean if they received more than 5.

When I picked baby hank up he was awake and they were playing with him. They said he needed his diaper changed. I asked if he would receive a behavioral remark for that and they said, no, they expected babies to poo. I wanted to ask then don’t they expect kids to misbehave?
We’ll see how long this kids club lasts before we fill up the page with ‘behavioral remarks’ and try to register him again as a new kid, baby frank.


LOL. I took my kids to that same gym a year ago and they didn’t have the whole points system. My kids must have ruined them for you, sorry.If Hank racked up the points you can always take him to the Sugerhouse gym.

I would imagine behavioral marks are for things like biting hitting and over rambunctious.it’ll take him a while to earn those!

I cracked up at the end of this post, and then cracked up again at Marian’s post! It really gives a great “visual”. Too funny! I agree though. If pooping doesn’t give Hank behavioral remarks, nothing will. Good luck!

I bet the “behavioral remarks” are going to be the things Hank’s PARENTS do. Hank’s an angel.

My son used to bite the other kids…that sent our behavioral numbers soaring.

I can totally see you in a few weeks – “no, no, this is my other baby, Frank.” I’m sure Hank will do just fine though. Way to go on the 1/2 marathon! I ran my first on Sunday and it was an awesome experience. You can do it!

Yeah for the 1/2! You can do it. Do the Hal Higdon novice plan. As for the gym I want to give you a big, fat NO FAIR! Our 24 hour costs $3 every time we use the kids club! Stupid California and STUPID “higher cost of living crap!” I want free babysitting! I promise Zach won’t get behavioral remarks!

that’s funny.3 months is plenty of time to train. it is hard to stay motivated for longer than that. good luck!

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