Water park

Hank and I got a season pass to a water park this summer with Susan and Hattie. There’s lots of green for sunbathing and shallow kiddie pools for splashing and diaper disease sharing.
For $45 through citydeals for Hank and I it’s half the price of the local pool’s season pass (which counts Hank as a separate person. lame).

(Images found on Frolic from Let’s Explode)


I agree, City Deals is a great place to get great deals for my shopping habit! Another good place is HalfOffDeals.com – they have great deals too!

That will be super fun! (not quite as much fun as if you lived here and we could go to the beach every day but still fun!)

Very fun. But I wish you and Hank were spending the summer at the beach with us…

Wow, we want to come. (Supposed to be 90 plus degrees the next couple of days.) Mom in Scarsdale

that sounds perfect!! i’m envious. having one little baby is so fun in the summer and henry will be the perfect age to entertain himself but not get into trouble. what a good idea.

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