Six months old

Did I forget to mention baby hank turned six months old a couple weeks ago?

Just look what a cutie he’s become in six short months. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next six. Being baby hank’s mom is so awesome.


ricks…you totally look like your mom in this picture! you are such a cute mom. little hanky is getting so big. he needs a sqeeze from his aunt racer 🙂

he is such a cutie patutieway to go hank, the last six months have been good to youno come back east and visit already!

Why do I suddenly want to EAT baby Hank!? He is sooo precious! I can’t stand it…

Oh, these pictures just make my day! I just want to hug you both!

I love the matching shirts. Congrats to Hank and to mom and dad…this is where the fun begins.

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