Modern High Chair

Baby Hank will soon be graduating from his bumbo seat and needing a real high chair to dine in. I want a modern looking one that has very simple lines and colors- or something with no color that will just kind of fade into the background like this one below. I’m also looking for something relatively inexpensive (under $200 for sure). I saw this one today on babygadget that I really like. It also comes in cute polka dot. It’s called the Kuster K2 HighChair; but I’m not sold yet. Any other recommendations?


we just bought the boon flair and it’s uber fab and modern. check it out.

we use the stokke and have since my active (climb-out-of-places-i-don’t-like) son was about 8mos. when we were out we used the phil & teds metoo.

One thing I’d worry about it tripping over those long legs. Is it just the photo or do they really stick out a ton?

thanks everyone for the ideas!!! i’ll have to look into these alternative but i still love this one i posted about

we received this as a gift and it is by far my favorite kid thing we own!!!! we use it in the kitchen, dining room, in restaurants, on holidays. it doesn’t take up room in my kitchen. the kids join us at the table and when my #1 was older she sat in it to draw or do art/crafts at the table without being all over the place! highly recommend it but make sure your table/s fits the clamps.

We bought the tripp trapp since it can be used for years and blends super well w/ modern furnishings. We moved straight from a bumbo to the trip trap w/ no problems at about 8 months. One of the best purchases yet.

When we registered for Owen – now almost 8 months old – I wanted a cool, modern, non-plastic high chair, and decided to go with the Tripp Trapp from Stokke. It was attractive, would last forever, and wasn’t too outrageously priced. And then, when he was about 6 1/2 months old, I tried to feed him in it. He wobbled from side to side as the food was expertly applied all over his cute little face. Lesson: the Tripp Trapp will work terrifically – once he can support his upper body perfectly, which I figure is still at least a few months away. For a couple weeks, we fed him in his swing or the Bumbo, which worked well enough until we visited my mom and the Fisher Price Space Saver she bought. I could feed him without experiencing severe lower back pain! And he stayed upright and comfortable the entire time! We decided we needed a chair with real support for the little man, and did a bunch of research. The Space Saver is awesome if you are willing to sacrifice a dining room chair, but since we wanted to keep all four adult chairs in usable order we ended up going with the Graco Contempo. It folds nice and compactly, and if you get the white version it doesn’t look too horribly bad. guess is there are really good modern options that will help you avoid the 2 high chair route we had to go. For us, having a back that could support his head and a solid 5-way harness were key attributes. So this was all a REALLY long comment just pointing out those 2 things. Good luck!

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