Get on your walking shoes

Experts are now saying that oil will be at least $7 by the end of this year. There’s an interesting article here about it. Europe’s already up to $9 a gallon. That will roughly double the amount we’re paying in gas every month.
Questar, the gas company here in Utah, has announced it plans to raise its rates by 45%. That will be at least $75 more a month on our gas bill during the winter.
Geico informed me last week that car insurance rates are going up too. Starting this September, it will cost an additional $100 for a six month premium. I don’t think that is related to oil or the economy. They just realized Utahans were bad drivers.
Groceries are going to go up to. I heard on the radio yesterday that trucking in kiwis across the country from California to New York is more expensive than shipping them in from Italy (and it’s better for the environment apparently too).

I’ve had a lot of conversations lately with people about changes they are making in their lives because of this economy and oil crisis. Already we know people who have long commutes that are seriously looking at houses closer to work. Other people I know are working on building up food storage with the scare of grocery stores not getting in shipments due to trucking strikes against high oil prices (which has already starting to happen in many countries). Many people I know are considering buying smaller, more fuel efficient cars.
Luckily for us we live very close to work and grocery stores, etc. but driving down to Provo and back will cost us close to $20 in our relatively fuel efficient car and a road trip to Jackson or St. George will require saving up a little.
I’m curious what the blogging world is thinking about all this.


hopefully they’ll pass a similar legislation to europe where it’s illegal to produce a car that gets less than 50 mph or something

Perhaps now oil lobbyists will stop having so much sway over legislation. Did you know that the average mpg of an american-made auto is the same as the Model T? THE MODEL T! Really? We haven’t made any progress in 100 years? And yet, somehow, oil companies are seeing some of the highest profit margins in years…seems fishy. And congress just squashed a bill that would put extra taxes on windfall oil profits…okay, so maybe I was just dreaming that lobbyists would no longer have such power.Sorry for the rant. This issue is very frustrating…Remember how we weren’t supposed to mention Wal-Mart around Jared? That’s kind of what energy and the environment have become at our house.

I still don’t think you will end up saving more with a hybrid. People will average around $2,500/year (probably more now)in gas but the car I was looking at charged almost $15,000 extra for hybrid. You would have to drive it for 6 years to actually make it worth it.Unless of course you find a killer deal on your purchase.

During our trip to Utah, no Shakespeare Festival, instead we get a tank of gas. Booo!

I should make Aaron sell the nissan and get a scooter. It is over $4.50 by us, which means the van costs close to $80 to fill up. I am SO glad I’m not working 45 min away from home any more! I should start walking to the grocery store, ours is pretty close. I just haven’t figured out how to get the groceries and the baby home. Maybe I could put the baby in the front pack and the groceries in the stroller?

Two of my roommates just bought scooters – 90 miles/gallon!

It’s $5 here. Crazy. We only have one car and its a hybrid, so I can get down to Orange County on one tank of gas, which used to cost $30 to fill up and now costs around $45. We don’t drive to work and only use our car to zip around town for groceries and errands, which if I had to, I could take a bus or subway (like I did yesterday to meet a gf for lunch).I hope cities step up their public transportation and the government really examines our need for foreign oil.

ok – i need to go get food storage – i have a few months worth but thats it.sadly coby wants a prius – so we may end up with a hybrid car too.

gas in la is averaging 4.40. it’s ridiculous. we bike as much as possible and walk to the grocery stores and restaurants. good thing stylish flats are everywhere so we can look cute while walking all over town.

boo! we had to buy plane tickets to maine (dan’s fam is there). twice as much as we usually pay. now that we are in idaho i don’t plan on seeing my family in st. george again for a long time. we have a camp site reserved for city of rocks the last weekend of june. its only 2 hours from you. will you come on a climbing trip with us?

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