Ain’t We Lucky

Growing up my mom only got vhs tapes that were available at the local public library so everything we watched was a decade or so dated. The star studded “Free to be you and me” was one of our favorites. It was kind of like sesame street but nonchalantly slammed every stereotype in children’s literature out there at the time: : Mom’s a construction worker, lady-like girls are lame-o, boys can play with dolls cause they’ll learn to be dads, girls don’t have to get married, michael jackson as a kid singing about how he doesn’t have to change at all because he likes who he is. It’s a classic. I know every word to every song.
This short sketch above, “Brothers and Sisters’ by Voices of Harlem, was one my favorites and it’s one of those songs that’s constantly on repeat in my head. The playground they’re dancing in is right next to the MET in Manhattan. We loved to visit it growing up. Probably more than the museum.


I think I saw Free to Be about 500 times growing up. I loved it.

spence, i think they were great too. i totally plan on doing the same thing with my kids. only videos from the library for them! now if only i can find the ‘thinker tapes’ on cd…..

SO classic! I don’t know what you’re talking about – I think the public library provided us with some great, and educational, movie options.

My favorite part of Free to be was the babies in the crib talking about boys/girls. “What do you think I am? A loaf of bread?” and the football player singing “it’s alright to cry”. . I need to rent that for my kids.

Sadly, that playground is now *ancient* history. When we walked past it the other day we noticed it was gone! Probably being replaced with more updated equipment.Classic video!

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