Zion trip

This weekend we took a trip down to Zion and the Grand Canyon. It was our first time camping with Henry (not counting the technical trip) and he behaved quite nicely. He likes being on the move and being outside so he was very pleased with the itinerary we had planned. We hiked to Angels Landing in Zion, camped by the Grand Canyon’s edge the first night and in a canyon just north of the Kolob Fingers the next. It was such a fun trip. Being on top of Angels Landing and two rolls away from the Grand Canyon’s cliff was a bit nerve racking but Henry only knows how to roll over once so I wasn’t too concerned.
I’m glad Henry likes the outdoors so far because he is the son of Mr. Adventure and there will be many more of these trips to come.


I just found your blog and I’m SO jealous!! Utah is my favorite vacation spot. You’re so lucky to be able to do such amazing hikes and enjoy such beautiful scenery all the time. Sigh…I live in Florida, so it could be worse.

so it looks like it really was angels landing and not “dangels landing”.

yeah i don’t think i could take older kids to either of those spots

So glad you could have a “real” family camping trip. But I agree. When they start running around on their own, your outlook changes.

looks fun. enjoy it while you can. once they are bigger you can’t take them places like that. we took our kids on a hike in zion and i was so stressed the whole time that they would fall off a cliff.

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