Vegas, then and now

Have you ever pumped in the parking lots of casinos and mid drive on a freeway or right next to someone else pumping? Ah, then you have yet to experience true motherhood. Or at least the best place to escape it Mother’s Day Weekend. Vegas was great (despite me getting a sinus infection and Henry getting really sick in St George). 10 years ago the same three roommates went to Vegas our freshmen year of college. This trip after hearing our favorite song from college on the radio and belting out every word, the DJ said, and I quote, “Wow, it BLOWS MY MIND how OLD that song is!”. Awesome. It blows MY mind that it’s been 10 years and how much we’ve changed in those 10 years.
See if you can tell which pictures are from 2008 and which are from 1998.

(first and last are from 2008. The last one was a trick. Crazy and too short for the cutout- must be 1998. Wrong, still crazy, still too short for the cutout intended for the kiddies. nice.)


haha, this reminded me of pumping in the car on the way to NJ last year. the marvels of modern machinery!

Pumped… like pumped iron?(Seriously, it took me a minute– I’d better do as Elder Ballard beckons…)Looks like good times. It’s cool you girls have kept the tradition going.

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