Pres Bush was in town today. I snapped this photo in our neighborhood shamelessly leaning out of a minivan full of screaming kids. I love this dude. Everything about him.

Wednesday May 28th
To Do List:

Make bed
Weed garden
Donate clothes to DI
Stroll down to the convention center to greet Pres Bush with an “IMPEACH” sign
Call sick Aunt Marge
Bake cookies for new neighbor
Finish reading Harry Potter


there’s no shame in voicing your opinion. beside the fact that his opinion isn’t unique or anything, rather it’s how the majority of the country (and i believe the world) feels.

of course he used recycled materials. he lives in the avenues.

I LOVE this guy. I laughed for about five minutes. I like that he used recycled materials to make his sign.

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