Homemade baby food

We’ve gotten the ‘okay’ from our pediatrician to start introducing solids to baby hank sometime in the next month before his 6 month appointment. I can’t wait to get out the video camera and record his first bites of rice cereal but I’ve been thinking about what happens after that. Erin did a great post about making and freezing your own baby food and I think I’m going to try it; but what I really want is this: William Sonoma has this great new multi purpose machine for making baby food that apparently is really popular in France and is now available in the US. It is a steamer, blender, warmer and defroster to prepare fresh and healthy meals for baby. I love this pretty little cooking for baby book too.
(Found on Baby Gadget)


crap, I hate that you can’t edit comments, lastED not laster

For the price of that machine you could buy 280 containers of baby food (in CA probably more in UT). Just something to think about. Z goes through one container a day right now. I love the idea of making your own food though. We have a food processor I would probably use but as of now I’ve been too lazy to go out and buy the stuff and prepare it when gerber just seems to be doing such a good job of doing it FOR me! My mom had this grinder ($12) from babies r us that they still sell that she swears by, she said she could do almost anything in it and it was cheap and laster through all 4 of us kids. I think I might pick one up when he’s ready for meats and stuff.

it’s a good looking machine. but. you will feed your baby baby food for about 4 months (from what my babies have done, but they start late and like table food pretty quickly) and then you have a big machine to store.

The only trouble with this is that it’s made of polycarbonate (yep, BPA!). The container that you use to steam (HEAT) the food and then blend it is made of polycarbonate. true, they are cute little things aren’t they!

i was afraid to click on the link and see a $300+ appliance from WS, but that price seems much more reasonable for a “do it all” machine

I want one too!They are expensive though. A blender works great too!Have fun experimenting with foods. It is a fun stage.

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