guest post: jared – squareback

if you are in st. george have you seen this car?

i saw it a few years ago on Diagonal St so i’m guessing it might still be around. It looks like the attached picture, it was the same color…

Has anyone seen it driving around? parked? is it still in sg?

if you have seen it lately or can get me in contact with the owner, please let me know.



Update:On my way home from a softball game today at Bluff St. park, we saw a squareback on Diagonal street but it’s light blue.Wasn’t that Jeremiah’s???

Jared, I miss that car! Good memories for sure.I did see it but I think it was a year & a half ago. I’ll keep my eyes peeled.P.S. There’s one in SLC too. Looks like yours.

no one’s in any trouble; i’m wondering what the possibility of getting it back is.

Liz, I think the color on the “original” is a little more teal-like. Also, if you’re following the VW in another car, you’ll notice that the whole body sits crooked. 🙂

Why? Did they hit you or something? Are they in trouble? Or are you just stalking them?

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