Beacon Hill

I chased the sun this Saturday doing a hike solo. Starting a little late I would still have had time to get up and down before 9pm but I got lost and ended up weed wacking on the wrong side of the peak for an hour or so before turning around and finding the right trail on the way back. By the time I was on the right path I tried to race up as quick as I could but the sun was setting faster than I could hike. The picture above was the closest I got to the top before having to turn around before the sun set. Although I was disappointed, it was so much fun to chase the sun. I don’t remember the last time I played outside until the last possible moment before needing to head home. It’s been months. I’ve been thinking about the hike ever since and I’m determined to do it again this week and get to the top. This time, I know where the right trail is.

This was the same hike Jared did this winter where I spied on him through the telescope on our balcony. Remember?


You are so lucky to have such hills near your place! The photo looks wonderful, the grass and the sun. I´m tempted to go on a hike too, but I´m not so brave to go alone… 🙂

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