A garden

I planted a little garden in our yard. I don’t know anything about planting or growing anything (couldn’t have told you the difference between an annual and perennual until a couple weeks ago) but luckily my friend Jen gave me good advice and my sister Celeste came with me to the nursery to help pick things out. Henry’s room has a window facing the backyard so I can keep it open while he’s napping and listen for him while I garden.
We’ll see what grows and what I kill.
Jen told me you have to be a complete idiot to kill tomatoes around here. Famous last words.
Here’s what we’ve got:

1. peonies
2. strawberries
3. sweet basil
4. raspberry bush
5. cucumber
6. cucumber
7. yellow squash
8. zucchini squash
9. cherry tomatoes
10. big boy tomatoes
11. yellow tomatoes
12. early blooming tomatoes
13. some pretty white perennial
14. i forget what this one is called. but it’s pretty and grows up and around the wooden stake up the fence.

The second picture is filled with mostly annuals (pansies, snapdragons, white snow, etc) on the left and weeds that I need to get rid of on the right.


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