Woodblock print GIVEAWAY!

I’m having a giveaway for a FREE woodblock print of your choice from my etsy shop!
Perfect to frame in your house or as a gift for mothers day.

You can choose between the olive tree, the golden tree, or ms. fancybird.

Just leave a comment on this post by Friday, April 17th 11pm mst .
Only one comment per person, please.
Winner will be chosen at random and announced on Monday, April 21st.


I think that Ms. Fancybird would lool perfect in my living room…

I’m torn. I really like both the olive tree and Ms. Fancybird. Here’s hoping I get a chance to make that choice!

Holy K-rap! Liz, you have so many readers…we’re jealous. Anyway, I like Ms. Fancybird the best, but I’m not holding my breath under these odds.~L

i lurve your prints. they are amazing. also, i want to be your friend. because your prints are amazing. no way to choose a favorite, but here is my order of preference: olive tree, ms. fancybird, yellow tree.

This I love. It would be the perfect addition to my home! If only…

While Ms. Fancybird makes me think of Dumber & Dumber (pretty bird, pretty bird), I’m loving the olive tree. so pretty!

Very nice! So pretty! I love the olive tree. I’m moving into a new house next week and this would match my living room! Thanks for offering this! ~Tanyathe4moyers(at)msn(dot)com

I hope this giveaway includes overseas people. I’ll try my chance. I love them all but I prefer the Olive Tree.

Yes, please! Ms. Fancybird would suit my fancy just nicely. (Love your blog, by the way. Found you through Oh Happy Day!)

WOW – What more is there to say. Your work is fabulous and so perfect for my favorite space. I have to say Ms Fancybird. She’s perfect!Thanks!

I love Ms Fancybird!!! How beautiful!!! Thank you so much for this chance! 🙂

I would be delighted to win Ms. Fancybird. All of your prints are gorgeous, but she is my favorite. Please enter me and thank you for such a generous and fun giveaway! My email is vanillaglitter@gmail.com if I should be so lucky as to win!

Me! Me! Pick me! I *heart* block prints. Your art is…sigh… so lovely.

You do wonderful work! I just found your blog and I think your work is lovely!

Oh please pick me. I love, love, love Miss Fancybird. She totally made me think of my Mom.

i’m loving the olive tree. they look great – you’ll have to post a tutorial on how to do this.

How lovely!!! I think one of those prints could be very happy to be adopted by me!

You are so awesome! I love these new woodblock prints. I hope your running is going well!

lovely lovely lovely… I love all the time you intentionally invest in your art… even with newer baby!

I am so impressed with your quilting and woodblock prints. I really am liking the golden tree and ms. fancybird. It’ll be a hard choice if I win.

I am currently sitting in my newly painted den. Last week it was an offensively drab cream color, now it is “Cafe Blue”. It’s naked walls are begging to be adorned by one of your lovely works of art.

I love the olive tree. I’d also love to learn woodblock printing! beautiful work!

Today is my birthday…and I am feeling lucky! I would love the golden tree…yellow is so pretty.

it would be such a great convo peace: all the way from utah!~U.K.

Wow! I would really love to win the olive tree print. Thanks for the chance!

Awesome woodblocks! I love them all. Wouldn’t know which one to choose. Olive tree? Ms Fancybird?

I just want you to know that I love your blog. You’re so creative–I love the cards!

I love Ms. Fancybird…perfect addition to the vision we have for our nursery….I love birds, and I hope baby will too!

Love the wood block prints Liz! Especially the golden tree. I’ve never done wood block printing, but am definitely inspired to explore it during my maternity leave. I’ll be adding it to the list of projects I’ve already got, many of them for our little boy on the way.

Theyre all fantastic. I just wish I had even an ounce of your creativity. Its so great that you use your talent for the benefit of others.

Love them all! Ms. Fancybird might just be the new name for my daughter!!!

Love it! The olive tree one reminds me of the olive fields in Greece: my great-grandmother had some fields in the Spartan region as part of her dowry, and would score each olive before preserving/pickling on her own with a simple paring knife. Since I was a child, my family in Greece would send my family here in NYC ever 2 or three years about 6-8 cases each of fresh olive oil and Kalamata olives, which were delicious.

I have just discovered your blog…your work is fabulous 🙂

I love the Olive Tree! Great color and clean lines … I know right where I would put it!

I love Ms Fancy Bird. That little curl on the top of her head makes me smile.

Ha. I already have the golden tree for my little boys’ room, but I would LOVE the olive for my own room! ME ME ME ME ME ME ME!!!! 🙂

I love prints…I collect antique print anbd print blocks…these are lovely

you know dan thinks you are a freak. he doesn’t think that it is normal to have a baby, do crafty projects everyday, and then blog about it all. i’d love to have some of your freakness (ms. fancybird) in our home.

These are beyond beautiful! You are very talented! I hope that I win :).

These are gorgeous! And just in time for my freshly painted nursery!

Oh my! I never win these giveaways but I must try. I love these woodblock prints…so inspiring!!

I never win these things but your prints are so lovely I might as well try!

Fun! Your projects are so inspirational, and I get so excited thinking I could learn to sew, print paper, etc. Because, oooh the things I could make!! And then somewhere during the day, my juice dissolves. Now, we can win one without ANY effort! Too cool. Thanks.

I love your woodblocks. You’ve inspired me to return to printmaking!

My favorite is Ms. Fancybird, she is so pretty. I’m crossing my fingers.

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