Wood block: baby bottle

I’ve been working on some woodblock prints with my friends Jen and Susan. You carve an image into a woodblock and then print it like you would a stamp. Jen’s husband, Jeff, is an artist and has a sweet set up in his studio(um, amazing!) for us to work in. I’ll post pictures of my prints later today but I have a question for you, blogging world.
Here is a picture of Jen’s print she made (isn’t it gorgeous?). It’s small: 3×4 and we originally were going to sell them on cards, kind of like the way it’s photographed here. She is making more baby themed ones for a little series. Would you, blogging world, buy something like this for a card? And if so, what for? Baby gifts? Baby announcements? Baby shower invites? Or would you buy it as a print in a nursery?


prints for the nursery OR they’d make adorable thank you notes… for let’s say a baby shower… or something related… even just with a gift

i ‘d use it for all the above also. i’d also frame them —-a whole theme: pacifier, bonnet etc

I would use it for all of the above. It’s REALLY lovely! My first instinct: shower invites.

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