Waiting for summer

This video we made a year and a half ago up in the tetons makes me so excited for summer in the Great West we now call home. I am also feeling a bit of mourning over the (permanent?) loss of my pre-baby body. If I attempted that belly flop in the last shot now, there would be a significantly larger splash producing a tidal wave that would have swallowed our kayak. It’s true.


Such great video, sigh, we just have 6 more weeks till school’s out! Woohoo!

liz- you look awesome. seriously.this video made me so nostalgic for the tetons, seth i and have camped on leigh lake 4 summers, one for our honeymoon!

erica, either get ‘simple things’ or ‘when it falls’. they are both awesome

Liz…I’m gonna get one of their cds. Which one should I get?

You won’t believe me, but, Liz, you have nothing to mourn about – you look awesome – really, really, really.Great video and music.

it’s zero 7. i’ve been obsessed with them ever since that summer

Whatever Liz. You’re hot & hey I’m the same size as before all 3 of my kids. Awesome video & who is the music? I really like her voice.

so cute- what a cool video to have for posterity to look at over the year as well.it is really sad to let go of the prebaby body. you’ll get to a place of fitness you will be happy with and feel good about quickly, but sadly it’s never exactly the same. at least in my experience. and one day it doesn’t matter as much to be sad about it, you just keep running.

it’s only been 4 months. you’ll get your body back–a few months before you’re ready to have another baby.

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