Training update

I’m in the middle of week 6. I say middle because I’ve only done half of the runs for this week as I watch the week slowly slipping away from me. It’s been hard to get 4 runs in a week for some reason. Probably because I go running in the evenings when I’m either a. tired or b. would rather sit home with jared and eat ice cream while watching tv.

Anyway, I’m still on schedule though. Last Saturday I hit a major breakthrough and ran for 3 miles straight. No walking. It felt like a major milestone. I finally feel like I’m comfortable running again. However, I have to be honest, not seeing a change in my weight since I’ve started running two months ago is making it difficult to find the motivation to continue but I’m gonna keep going and hope I get in my two more runs before Sunday.


yay liz! For the weight thing, your probably just gaining muscle, which is replacing fat haha. I just tell myself that… muscle is denser and heavier than fat anyway!

I’m just starting to run again (my 3rd baby is now 7 weeks old) and my fav. running song is You’re The Reason I’m Leaving by Franz Ferdinand. Mr Brightside by The Killers is also good. These are songs I’d only listen to while working out, and they seem to do wonders when I’m in that ‘blah’ part of my run. Keep up the good work!

Hi, I’m a lurker, but thought I’d finally post since I’m also a runner… just wanted to say, you’re doing great! A schedule totally helps, and if you happen to miss 1 run, seriously – no big deal (although feeling a tiny bit of guilt isnt a bad thing, it helps motivate me to get back on the road). Love your training schedule, thanks for sharing!*I know unsolicited advice, is kind of ‘eh’… but it also helps me to get excited about my run if I change up my ipod every now and then, and have new songs that I’m currently obsessed with to listen to. ??

should’ve read Brooke’s comment first. I’m still breastfeeding my 8 month old and definitely not eating enough.Thanks.

Hi Liz,Did you know you inspired me to start running too?..well ya did. My program is much more “beginner” than yours but my friend and I have been doing it for a month religiously. I’ve been driving to her house and our husbands have had to take care of the kids (my 2 her 4)Our excitement is such that we’ve actually had up to 3 other friends run with us (we looked ridiculous, but it was fun)Anyway, my point, this week has been hard for us too (it’s our week 5) we’ve only ran once but I too will try to run fri and Sat to make up for it, we haven’t seen any changes in our weight either though,what’s that all about? Keep up the good work, we’re rooting for you.

Good job! I’m also just getting to 11 min miles and I’m proud of myself! It is hard to get in 4 runs a week and I don’t even have to wait for Aaron to get home, so it must be harder for you. Could you go in the mornings before Jared leaves? (I technically could but I never do!) About the weight, make sure you are eating ENOUGH because your body is really holding on to what it needs to breastfeed and if you aren’t eating enough and you are exercising it won’t let go of anything. I find I really have to be careful to stay hydrated and eat enough or I won’t lose anything. But you are so skinny maybe you just need it all right now to nurse.

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