No name Zebra

I think this one is my favorite I’ve made so far. He’s got so much personality. I like him so much I just can’t find a name worthy of him ( is it a him or her?).
Suggestions so far have been: Zoey, Scott, Ranger, and Charlotte.
What do you think, blogging world?

On a side note, I have one more to make ( a monkey) for Henry’s personal collection and then I’m considering selling some on my etsy shop.


i think we need to add some female animals to the mix. I would stick with my suggestion, Charlotte. Or, if you want an edgy name, Zinc (like th element).

I vote ranger too, so does hattie, so does chris & roxy. 4 votes for ranger

now i can’t decide. i’m debating between ranger and pete i think

oh yes, ranger for sure! (this is also a very convincing argument against naming any future children the same name–sorry jared).and this is by far my favorite yet. And perfect color combo for newborn eyes too!

We are fond of Optimus, George, and Goose at our house these day

seriously that is so cute. i think two good names are Z or stripes.

I like ‘chalk’. HIS lines remind me of a classroom chalkboard. He’s super cute.(yes, I’ve decided it’s a he)

Zach wants one! I think Ranger, in honor of the name Henry didn’t get!

Liz, He/she looks amazing. I want to buy one, or could you just show me how to make one?

what about clyde? (which means ‘heard from afar’) or cory?

So, so great, Liz! You’re so crafty. I think Zepheniah. Definitely.~L

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