Jared’s invite

We are having a bbq with some close friends for Jared’s birthday this weekend. This is the invitation we made on the gocco. I had designed a different invite but it just wasn’t coming together. I went to feed baby hank, came back about 15 minutes later and Jared had designed this one. Way cooler. Sorry you had to design your own party invitation, Jared; but good job.


Very hip! The goldenrod and black together have a semi retro feel, and I like the cleverly placed spatula. I’m wishin’ I had a gocco now.

i can’t believe it has been a year already since last year’s party. (that was the highlight of my year, by the way) who would have thought that you’d be in utah with a little guy just one year later. maybe that’s what was on jared’s mind as he blew out the candles last year.

I like the hidden “31” and the spatula doubling as an exclamation mark. Oh, and I wouldn’t have needed an explanation for “BYFSD” – is that bad?

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