Four month appointment

Today Henry had his four month doctor’s appointment. He weighed in at 13 lbs. 14 oz (in the 25th percentile) and 24 1/2 inches (50th percentile).

He’s been working on his repertoire to show the doctor. His opening was a nice smile with eye contact (since he refused to last time). Bingo. He’s in. Then he moved into his more recent and advanced skills: supporting his neck and back and even did a nice show on his tummy. The audience went wild. Personally, I thought he would have added some giggles and coos into the grand finale but I guess he wanted to save something for next time. Even so, shots made him scream, but it wasn’t anything watching the fish in the giant tank in the lobby didn’t remedy (he takes after his dad with the fish thing). Love this guy! We’re glad he’s so happy and healthy. What a blessing to have him with us.

Mezmerized by the fish, Hank forgot about the painful shots he just had


Perfect boy!! OOOO I just hated shot day! Don’t you just want to punch the person giving it to him?

what a cutie! he has such a funny head. Oh, and I told Heidi about your little ‘suggestion’ and she laughed her head off.

Moses has his 4 month appt on Monday and Paul has to work. 🙁 And there aren’t any fish to distract.P.s.: Ready or not here we come. We’ll be there on Wednesday.

i’m so glad he’s healthy and happy too. i need to book tickets for that show. but i want coos and giggles included.

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