Favorite baby products

Okay, so I know I’m still new to this, but there are a couple things that have really saved me these last 4 months with baby Hank:

Swaddle Blanket
Love this. My friend Brooke had them when she came to visit and let us borrow one and it was great. Babies have a lot of REM sleep where they move their limbs around a lot and it can wake them up. You can swaddle with a regular blanket, but this is more secure with velcro. They’re about $10.

Snap and Go stroller frame.

I had it in my head that I didn’t need a stroller until he was old enough to sit up in an umbrella stroller. That I would get by with a sling and my moms front pack. I think I made that decision when I was living in the big city and just never rethought it when we moved here. Well, sure enough it was too cold for the sling because it is fitted to your body and so you have to wear it under your coat. But then your coat doesn’t fit around you and the baby. And it hurt my neck. The front pack I use a ton now that it’s warmer. Anyway, this snap and go is great and inexpensive. Your car seat just snaps into it but you have the benefit of not having to move him out of the car seat into a stroller without the huge system. It’s still very minimal and easy to use and throw in your car. Of course, even the most mimimal product made in America has what every mom needs: two huge drink holders.


Hey there – have you checked out Halosleep.com – they have awsome swaddlers and sleepsacks even up until they are big kids! i think you will love to shop on this site as much as i do!Dixie

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