Broken promises

I found this picture online (I can’t remember where now), and now this sockoctopus is calling to me in my dreams and slithering into my thoughts. I know, I know. I said I was done with making sock animals, but I think I might have lied. Henry will love chewing on all those tentacles (okay technically an octopus has arms, not tentacles. file that random fact away).
It doesn’t look too hard. I found directions here for a different sockoctopus (actually it looks like a sock monkey that mated with an octopus. creepy) that I can probably tweak to make the one above.
A couple other wiki facts about an octopus so you can impress your family at dinner tonight:
1. they have three hearts
2. their beak is the only hard part of their body
3. females die shortly after their eggs hatch. males die shortly after they mate.

Now there’s a nice conversation to have with your teenagers: if you have sex, you will die (i don’t think you need to elaborate any more. that should do the trick).


The monkey one does creep me out. Zach is still waiting for his sock animal (I like zeebra or socktopus) you better show up at girls’ weekend with one! But seriously Henry would LOVE chewing on those tentacles. Zach would love it too (hint hint…)Come on auntie liz!!!

You are addicted. Every mom needs things that interests them.(Elder Ballard…conf….remember?) I also think everyone needs to create something everyday. Your animals are so cute…keep going! PS Thanks for chosing “Pete” for Mr. Zebra. His face is deinitely a Pete!

hey liz. i look at your blog every so often and i am so in love with your sock animals! i must learn!! anyhow- i also really like your sex talk idea. i’ll have to keep that one in mind.

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