Urban sale wish list

Oh man, I wish someone gave me $1000 with the agreement that I could only spend it on clothes and accessories. Then I wouldn’t feel guilty about buying a whole new wardrobe (actually I might need a little more than $1000. Let’s make it $5000).
These are all on sale from Urban, but together they would still cost me about $250. that’s about 3x my alloted clothes budget for the month. boooo.

(woven doctor bag, leather fold over boots, ankle skinny pant, oval hoops, birds and bows lamp shade, ghost clock, nature plate necklace, birdcage wall art)


I have been married for 15 years (8 of those wife of student years) and have 3 kids. Believe me, I can wrestle semantics and have the budget come out ok everytime:)

I think that the lamp, clock, and art should be in the household/home improvement category. (or stretch it and make them groceries) Now does the rest fit into the clothing category?

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