Training check in

Okay so this was my running schedule, remember? I made it pretty to make it official.
Right now I am on week 4. It’s been going pretty good. I’m not exactly where I want to be though. The past three weeks I’ve been running 3 miles 4x a week. That part I’ve been pretty good about. But I’m still walking a minute in between each mile and my pace is pretty slow, about 10 minute miles. I don’t care so much about pace as I do about distance but according to my schedule I’m going to need to pick up my pace this next week. I need to be really comfortable with this 3 mile thing because then the week after I have to increase the mileage. I’d like to finish my 3 miles in 30 minutes this next week (right now it’s taking me closer to 35). The weird part is that my abs must be so weak after the baby because even just after a run they are super sore. I think they had to tear the abs apart during the c section. I haven’t lost a lb in about 2 months so that part is frustrating but I hear you don’t lose those last ten lbs until after you stop nursing so I’m going to try not to get on the scale.


Liz, that is good! I think a 10 min mile is FAST post baby! I started at 15 min miles and am finally somewhere between a 10 and 11 min mile but I’m two months ahead of you on this post baby deal.

awesome schdeule- you have so inspired me to kick up my running plans! I have been so lazy after my second baby (now in month 6) and reading your plan earlier got me in gear and I have been running 2-3 times a week since while my oldest is in preschool. so thanks!

usually i go in the evenings, around 8 or 9 when jared is home, we’ve eaten dinner and henry is either asleep or almost asleep. occasionally i go during the day if i have stuff going on in the evening

good job – i may steal this schedule when i feel up to running again. i have new shoes all ready to go!do you take the baby in a jogging stroller or leave him with jared?

Great job Liz! Where did you get this program?Keep us posted:)

You’re doing great! Try (.org?). They have some core training exercises that are supposed to be super helpful (I haven’t done them myself!). I used some interval training exercises posted there last summer, and it REALLY helped me increase my pace. I love your new banner!

Wow! You go Liz! I am very impressed. I am sorry you are running with pain, that is the worst. Good luck with that. It’s true about the weight loss and nursing. At least it was for me. I lost 7 lbs the week I stopped nursing all 6 times.

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