Stella and Hank

We had our good friends the Smoots over for an Irish dinner last night. It was delish! Of course I didn’t take pictures of the food because I was too busy taking pictures of the cutest kids ever: Stella Smoot and our Hank.

Watching Baby Einstein video in our living room. Hank looks like the biggest couch potato

Stella trying to ‘love’ baby Hank and Kendra quick to stop it. Hank looks nervous

Stella loved riding around in the baby buggy


p.s. “stella and hank” has a really nice ring to it, no?

hey look, already a compliment on your awesome new footstool! that was the best patty’s day meal i’ve EVER had, though it kind of would have been cool if you had to scrap it off the ceiling before we ate it. thanks for having us over and we can’t wait to see you next week!

i agree with natasia. your living room looks beautiful. love that white footstool too!

Not to dismiss the cuteness of Hank and Stella, but I was noticing the sofa in the background. Lovely! I want one just like it! {PS- Love your blog- I lurk here often}

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