New crib

Henry is taking a nap in his new crib that we set up last night. The bassinet was getting way too small. He loves the crib. He was all smiles last night and this morning in it. I love it. It’s clean and crisp and modern and has a large storage underneath. I’m so glad we got it when we did because now they are all out of stock online. Although this one is now in stock, which I also really like.


Love the new bed but ADORE the little man inside. Got me a Grandma BRAG BOOK even though I told myself NEVER!

So great! You’re so stylish. Okay, so I’m sorry I haven’t called you. The last few weeks have been a little…well, I’m getting it all together. Anyhoo, I WILL call and explain myself. We miss you guys!~L

i got that crib bumper at downeast! and then im using the quilt i made

That crib is awesome. I need to come & see the whole nursery.

OH I love the crib & bedding – I wanted that bedding, but I went for the hodgepodge look from Downeast Home! haha

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