Monthly photos

I wish I would have started this when Henry was born. A picture every month on a giant calender to watch him grow. Do you think it’s too late to start now at 3 1/2 months???
Anyone know where I could find such a fantastic giant calender?


you could keep the simplicity by painting them white, but then using vinyl for the the age

I’m with Ashlynn- it’s brilliant & I may just have to copy you! SO, SO CUTE!

I love the ease, the simplicity of the look, and the changeability. Super idea. Super cute boy!

I bought some from IKEA that I love. They are girly, but I think they have some that are more generic, I think. I used them and the line they came with to hang up my kids’ paintings in their room.Hank is so darling!(p.s. I live in your home ward in NY.)

I love the way it is, but it would be SO cute if you painted the pins white and then made little felt appliques for the pins, with either a number or something that represented him that month? (Of course, I would just leave the pins au natural….because I’m lazy and like to think it’s a good thing. ;-))

i like the pins natural with the simple number. the color goes well with the picture and doesn’t distract from the cute boy.

we have that calendar at our house. mmmm, when i remember what it’s called i’ll tell you. i did something similar with colin, but since i used a film camera i had no idea how many bad pictures i was taking.

i bet i could do some photoshop tricks for the first two months…..

i think it would be hilarious if for month 1 & 2 you just put him in his old clothes that are too tight for him. add a hat or a pacifier and make him go back in time. and then keep going!

no it is not too late! Start now so you can stop thinking about it and regret it at 4 mo, 5, 6,7,8…You will seriously be sad at 1 year! Get out the damn camera & do it!

I don’t think its too late. Start now (pretend he’s just 3 months) and then photoshop a month one and two pic. What a good idea. Its getting the giant calender that might prove a challenge! I have to admit I haven’t even been good about taking ANY pics on the month marks so having something like that would motivate you and remind you. My poor kid; mom has commitment issues when it comes to getting out the camera (right outfit? house clean enough? smiling and happy?) yeah, issues.

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