Henry Silhouette- mid project

I loved these silhouette portraits found on Design Mom a while back so I decided to try and create my own. I took a profile picture of Henry last night (which proved to be tricker than I thought. We ended up having to wait until he was sleepy and pull the binkie out of his mouth to take the shot, hence the open mouth). I resized the image in photoshop and printed it out.

Then I traced it onto grey cardstock and cut it out. Care…fu….ly.

This is what I have now.
Next step: I was planning on mounting it onto some of this white poster board and doing some fancy lettering at the bottom with his name/birthday. Maybe on the gocco.
I am also planning on putting some foam backing (part of my gocco supplies) so it will kind of stick out from the white board, to give it dimension.
But I’m stuck on what the finish product should look like.
Do I:
a. Mount the whole thing onto a stretched canvas board. And if so, so I choose oval or square?
b. Do I frame it?
c. does it look weird that his mouth is open?


Liz, I like the oval canvas best. Maybe it would be a little femmie, although it would match ‘his’ quilt.

I think a closed mouth would be better…he kind of looks like Curious George with his mouth open. In the cutest, most wonderful way, of course! I think it is a great idea, I like that you are going to put his name and birthdate. You are so good at projects – and that babe is the cutest thing ever! He looks so happy and healthy. Keep up the good work.

yeah i’ve heard of misguided. i saw part of it last week but i wasn’t too impressed. maybe i’ll give it another shot. back to the silhouette project, i think i’m going to start over with a better and more distinguishing picture. back to the drawing board.

Cute project. As a side note, I hope you are watching Miss Guided….super funny show that just started on ABC on Thursdays, about a guidance counselor. Amy–(friend of Jordan)

yeah, i think i need to change that open mouth… hmmm…. i wonder if i can do it in photoshop without taking another picture…

Hmmm. I would go with square stretched canvas- oval seems too traditional and a little feminine. And while it would be a pain to do all that work over again, having his mouth open is a little weird. Or, you could take a quirky approach and give him a dialogue bubble. 🙂

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