Henry Call

Henry Call is my great grandfather. Our son Henry was named after him. He and his wife Violet had four boys and one daughter, my dear grandmother, Mema. Henry Call was a principal in an elementary school just north of Bountiful, Utah for 38 years. I think that alone speaks volumes. When people complained he would always say “Oh, go on your way rejoicing”. That positive attitude was carried down to his daughter and then to my mother. Life is too short to be unhappy with your circumstances. I think about that a lot. I always try to be positive even when it’s hard.
We have a school picture of Henry Call framed in the nursery so Henry will know who he was named after.

Henry Call at my mother’s cousin, Anne’s college graduation in 1976.


I didn’t realize Henry was named after him… I just thought you guys liked the name…

Love the heritage. Nice to know that Henry is named for so fine a man.

Oh, Elizabeth, that post just made my day! He was a WONDERFUL grandfather. I have such fond memories of kissing that bald head of his! Thank you for remaining so positive in spite of challenges in your life. You are an inspiration to your old Mom!

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