Guest Post – Jared: Nebo Report: SPANKED!

So the hike was brutal. Met up at BYU at 11pm, other than one guide (ian) i was the only non-student. awesome. The first thousand feet was through scrub-brush, then we hit snow. then it got really steep. no switchbacks. it was like tip-toeing up a ladder(sore calves). I was definitely the weak-link, always the last one to the break point. Lucky for me sketchy snow conditions shut down everyone and no one made it to the summit.

Summary: made it up 4,000 feet, needed 2,000 more so no summit. brutal but glad i did it.


I don’t understand Jared. You told me, not you guaranteed me outside that little store in Germany, that you weren’t going to be able to do things like this once you were married and especially after you had kids. Please explain.

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