Developing a routine

This is the picture Jared and I both have on our phone wallpaper. Sorry for the blluuuurrrr

Henry’s three months old. He’s become more predictable and responsive. It is SO cute. I’m loving this age right now. Every second of it. His predictability has been perfect to start to develop a daily ‘routine’. Here’s how it usually goes:

8am Jared gets Henry up and brings him into our bed for morning smiles
9am Jared goes to work, I shower, Hank stares at toys.
9:30 or 10am Pump. Henry goes down for a mid morning nap. And the only nap taken in his bed (I’m not good at this ‘putting him down’ thing)
This is the most predicable nap of the day and perfect for my new routine of scheduled daily cleaning for each morning during his nap. So far it has worked great.
Monday-downstairs bedrooms
Wednesday-Laundry and money tracking, bills
Thursday- Kitchen and upstairs
Friday- living room and dining room
Ok, sorry I got sidetracked
12pm Errands. Sometimes we meet Jared for lunch. Henry often takes a long nap (2-3 hours) during this early afternoon and so having him in the car seat helps.
2pm Projects at home and/or doing something fun in the outdoors (i.e. hikes)
5pm Dinner prep. This is his fussiest time. He usually likes to be held the whole time which makes dinner prep difficult. Henry takes a short nap usually around this time too.
6pm Jared comes home. Dinner. Gym.
8 or 9pm Henry goes down for the night. We tank him up with milk, wrap in him a swaddle blanket and play a white noise cd. He goes right to sleep. Rarely cries. Then wakes up 2 to 3 hours later for the next 12 hours. Actually up until we got back from our San Fran trip he’s been pretty good about sleeping (usually 5 hour stretches on average) but I think the trip threw him off and now he wakes up every 2 to 3 hours again like when he was newborn. Usually I try to give him a dream feed (feeding him a bottle while he’s sleeping) before I go to bed if he hasn’t already woken up.


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